Manual Handling for Patient Care

  • $145*
  •   Accredited
  •   4.5 hours
  • Workplace


HLTWHS002 Follow safe work practices for direct client care (Manual Handling for Patient Care)

This accredited course provide the skills and knowledge required for a healthcare worker to participate in safe work practices when involved in caring directly for clients within nursing, aged care and home care environments. There is also a focus on maintaining safety of the worker, the clients wellbeing support, and the community.

Completion of online pre-learning is required prior to arrival at the class.

This course is recommended for:
• Nurses & student nurses
• Aged care workers in nursing homes, community services and home environment.


This course is delivered in a flexible format comprising of:

  • Online pre-learning and assessments
  • Face to face session covering practical instruction and assessment


Completion of online pre-learning is required prior to arrival at the face-to-face session in class.

Participants must  be  able to walk , bend and move freely and be able to perform manual tasks.


There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Unit(s) of Competency

There are no formal qualifications associated with this course.

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