Parents Pack: Caring for Kids Course Gift Card + Baby Onesie (9-12 months)

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This pack contains a Caring for Kids first aid course gift card and FREE baby onesie.

The Caring for Kids first aid course is a non-accredited course that teaches how to perform CPR, and how to manage bleeding, burns and a range of childhood related illnesses and injuries. Particular focus is given to asthma, choking, bites and stings. There are no assessments as part of this course.

This course is recommended for: 
• Parents or guardians,
• Grandparents,
• Carers of young children.

The baby onesie contains CPR instructions along with the DRS ABCD action plan and is a great accompaniment for this course.

All participants will receive a FREE Tiny Tots first aid kit (valued at $35.00) upon completing their Caring for Kids first aid course.

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